Big Decision: Going with an Agency


After months of research and talking to other friends who have walked this path of domestic adoption before us, we have decided to sign on with an adoption agency. That means an agency will help us “match” with an expectant mom who is thinking about making an adoption plan. We still plan to do our own outreach through social media and word of mouth as well. You never know how a connection can be made!

The agency we are going through is called Hope Embraced Adoptions, out of South Carolina. I heard about it through one of my mom’s friends who is a customer at her baby store. Over the past week, I’ve sent them a copy of our completed home study and I updated our profile book and I’ll get that to them along with some other paperwork this week!

Based on the average wait time, it’s very likely that Baby Ritter will come home in 2018!

I am so thankful for the ladies at Hope Embraced and the heart they have for adoption. Almost immediately after signing with them, I felt a sense of relief. I’m grateful to have such experienced adoption professionals on our side.